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About the Foundation

Caring for Char'Lee, Caring for Caregivers

Char'lee's Cure Foundation is a 501.c3 organization that was birthed out of seeing the need that there are caregivers all around the globe who struggle personally, due to the daily challenges faced with taking care of a child with special needs. 


Here at CCF, we have an understanding that while we, as caregivers, take care of our loved ones who are in need of our attention, love, and assistance due to their conditions, we equally understand the importance of self-care, mental toughness, and having a trust-circle. 

At CCF, we have a vision and we are on mission to focus not only on the needs of our children, but also on the needs of our personal self-care. To accomplish this vision, the foundation offers caregivers services such as empowerment seminars, luncheons, conferences, and retreats. Through our educational programs, we cover a range of topics such as the importance of planning, building your trust circle, time-management practices, and we also engage in fun, relaxing, and recreational outings, as well.


If you would like to know more about our foundation or how you can support us financially or voluntarily, please find out more information here. We appreciate your love and support, and we look forward to partnering with you!



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